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Dating with the Master in Mind!TM

Dating is an interview process...

Dating MastermindTM

V. Latrell is the dating mastermind, who dates with the Master in mind! V. candidly shares with Christian singles how to do the same! She gives insightful, liberating, biblical and uncut truths to help singles successfully navigate the dating scene, using God's blueprint!


Coach V. is a relationship and dating authority as well as a transformation coach. Additionally, V. is a dedicated advocate for empowering others to excel in life; regardless of the direction it's headed. She is a conqueror of domestic violence, two divorces and a plethora of life’s setbacks. Nevertheless, she remains steadfast in her calling to transform the lives of Christian singles.

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God's BluePrint For Singles...

In her newest book, God’s Blueprint for Singles: Just Give It Up, Valerie encourages singles to simply give it all up! Although Christian singles all over the world are taught to wait, she believes singles must give up the ideology of what it means to be single and dating while waiting! 


V. is a boy mom and a certified transformation coach. She helps her clients reset their mindsets, awaken their inner spirit, and heal emotionally. She is a proud alumnus of Bethune-Cookman University [Go Wildcats!] with more than 20 years of corporate experience as an ethics executive.

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