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Dating and Courting are two vital steps to dating with a purpose.  One must know when/how to move from one phase to the next. However, before taking the first step there must be total healing. I employ you to consider this 12-week intensive program. This immersive program is for those with emotional wounds, who feel lost, overwhelmed, or unsure where to begin healing before dating again. My goal is to help you get unstuck, find your voice and rediscover who you are. We will incorporate meditation, biblical principles, mindfulness and health/wellness exercises. The goal is to experience a REBiRTH that will relieve anxiety, resulting in greater truth, transparency and freedom.

Tired of meandering your way through life? It is time to discover your purpose! We will employ self-actualization and visualization strategies coupled with action-packed empowerment steps. You will unlock your life’s purpose and transition onto the path that leads you to your divine destiny!   

All human beings are in need of a spiritual experience. Allow me to help you develop your spirituality identity [how God sees and accepts you. This transpires  through guided prayers, meditation, life declarations and gratitude exercises. Let’s begin your journey of spiritual awareness together so that you, too, can become the light of the world!

While self-love may seem elusive, it definitely is attainable. However, it starts by living in your authentic truth. I’m convinced we were created to love and we cannot love others more than we choose to love ourselves. Nevertheless, we are created to love. By the end of our intensive sessions, you will relearn the universal language of love and  embrace your worthiness of love throughout life.

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